Be Green

Environmental protection is our commitment to society. We commit to preserving natural environment in water cleaning, emissions reducing and solid waste recycling management. We are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management standard.

Act Green
Methods we are doing:

1. Water Clearance and Recycling
To meet the standard environmental water monitoring method, water from production lines is collected into a water clearance system which is analyzed with government online simultaneously by water quality monitoring facility.

2. Air and Dust Recycling System
There are types of air and dust clearance systems are facilitated in the production lines.

? Dust and Mist Collecting as well as Filtering System
The dust and mist collectors, as well as filters and parts that are engineered to provide the best available filtration efficiency.

? Air and Dust Clearance System
For better air clearance quality, filtered waste air and dust will be absorbed again into the air and dust clearance system which is engineered to neutralize and filter the air and dust to returning fresh.

? Dust Collecting Room
When leaving the production lines, staff are required to enter the dust collecting room where waste and dust can be absorbed and recycled.

3. Solid Waste Recycling Management
From industrial dust to waste, solid waste is collected to governments environment department for recycling process.

4. Continuously Updating Environmental Protecting Solutions
We are self-expected as a leading eco-friendly company in the industry, our management and R&D Team has continuously adopted up to date environmental protection solutions.


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