1995Founded US Company
1995First Shipment
1994Started Production
2005Developed 2V Battery for Telecom Applications
2004Passed TLC Authentication
2003Founded European Company
2002Shipping Quantity over 10 Millions (Cal. By 7Ah/12V)
2001Passed VdS Authentication
1998Passed ISO9001 Quality System
1999Shipping Quantity Over 6 Millions (Cal. By 7Ah/12V)
2000Passed TSE Authentication
2000Developed High- Rate HR Series
2007Excellent Supplier from First Three UPS OEM Makers
2010Announced New Categories, Gel and Traction Battery
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B.B. Battery was foundedIn 1992. In 20 years, we have made successful achievements from product quality, production facility, world recognition, environmental friendly industory to planing the future possibilities for battery users.
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